Mindful and Empowering Kids

ME Kids curriculum offers fun and engaging classes where kids learn skills to empower them and build a foundation to become the best version of themselves by promoting social and emotional growth.

Each class focuses on a new social/emotional topic through yoga, breathing, and mindfulness activities. Children will learn new skills to empower their social and emotional intelligence while strengthening and calming their bodies to tackle the days in a healthy and positive way. Children will learn how important positive self talk is and how it can impact their day. 

Each child brings their own personality and we give them the space to share and grow individually and cooperatively.

ME kids is back just in time for SUMMER!

The vision is to EMPOWER, BUILD CONFIDENCE, AND BRING THE CONNECTION BACK for our children (in a fun and engaging way) so when the doors open back up, our children will be secure enough to handle whatever the new world has in store for them.

$100 for entire week!!

3 weeks to choose from!!

July 27-31st 9:00-12:00

August 2rd-7th 9:00-12:00

August 17th-21st 9:00-12:00



Hi, My name is Sue and  I am former elementary school classroom teacher, youth sports coach and passionate more than ever about a child's mental and physical health.

I have observed first hand through the schools and after school activities how stressful their schedules and social situations have become along with the over exposure of electronics. Attention spans are shorter and frustrations and worry are on the rise. 

The last 2 years of teaching in a classroom setting, I added yoga and mindfulness to my curriculum and saw such an improvement in the student's overall wellbeing. They craved what we called "Yoga Tuesdays" and started to incorporate some of the tools and positive language in to their daily tasks. It was at that point that I knew I needed to offer this to more children.

I recently obtained my yoga kids certification and hold a certification in Mindfulness through Mindful Schools. My hope is to use this information and experience to empower a child in a variety of ways to meet individual children's individual needs- to live happy, purposeful and productive lives.  

*An elephant symbolizes strength and power.  A reminder to remove obstacles and open new ways in life. 

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