• Sue Murphy

Purpose with Passion

As a teacher, a youth sports coach, and a mom of 3 incredible girls; I am constantly in the company of many children ranging in all different ages and abilities. I find myself drawn to each of them for their individuality and the joy that they bring to a room. As I engage with each of these children, I am beginning to notice a theme spread across. Many of them have this amazing potential that seems to be limited by the stress and demands of every day life. While they seem to be navigating their days the best they can, I can't help but want to wrap my arms around each one of them to be able to give them more. More time, more tools, more silliness, and just more space to be the best version of themselves.

I started incorporating this idea of "more" with my own children and saw the benefits almost immediately. With them, it was giving them "more" space to be their authentic selves without judgements. Now, this sometimes looks very unconventional and even chaotic at times, but it was in those moments that they have been able to find their own special pieces that might not have been noticed in our very organized world.

Since then, I have integrated this idea inside my classroom (with the help of yoga and mindfulness activities as a bridge) as well as brought this to the youth teams that I am currently coaching through conversations and non-sport related activities. To see the reactions of stepping outside of the "structure" just a little bit to create "more" space to just be, has been very positive. It feels more purposeful while my intent was to just follow my passion of being a major cheerleader for all the children who cross my path. Robin Sharma put it best, "Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. The secret of passion truly is purpose."

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